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If you want to make sure you get your visa, leave it to us the experts!

Haneda International Legal Firm has over 15 years of experience in supporting clients.

Work Visa Support

When hiring foreign employees from overseas or foreign students, it is necessary to obtain a visa that is appropriate for each individual.

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Company Establishment・Business manager visa Support

When a foreigner conducts business in Japan, it is necessary to obtain a visa that is permitted for Business manager visa.
There are many precautions to be taken, such as obtaining various permits and confirming the contents of the contract.

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Marriage Visa Support

A spouse visa is required when a Japanese is marrying a foreigner. We provide not only consultation but also total support so that you will have no problem living in Japan together with your spouse.

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Permanent Residence Visa Support

After obtaining a permanent residence visa, there will be no restriction in the kind of activities you can engage in and you will be able to choose your occupation freely. You will no longer need to renew your visa.

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Multilingual Service

Our services are available in English and Chinese. Please feel free to contact us.

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