Running a company in Japan

When a foreigner conducts business in Japan, it is necessary to obtain a visa that is permitted for Business Manager Visa.
There are many precautions to be taken, such as obtaining various permits and confirming the contents of the contract.

Are you planning to...

Establish and run a company in Japan
To run a restaurant in Japan
If you are currently on a work visa or a student visa and want to convert to a Business Manager Visa after establishing a company.

We are here to help!

Service Description

 Visa application consultation and requirements confirmation
 Support for procedures of company establishment
 Support for procedures, various permits and licenses
 Preparation of application and various documents
 Translation of foreign documents
 Submission of visa application on your behalf
 Claim the Residence card when released
 Sending the documents to your home country by post mail after the Certificate of Eligibility has been received.
 Confirmation of immigration to various registration procedures after arriving in Japan

Providing Full Assistance

Support to start a business from the establishment of a company to obtain a Business Manager Visa.
We also provide accounting and taxation assistance through our affiliated accountants.

Business Manager Visa Application Service Fee

Service Description

Company Establishment
80,000 yen~Registration and license tax, etc. will be charged separately.

Service Description

Business Manager visa/ Application for Certificate of Eligibility/ Application for change of status of residence
200,000 yen~tax is not included
  • Please note that there will be an additional fee depending on individual cases.