Application for Spouse visa

A spouse visa is required when a Japanese is married to a foreigner. We provide not only consultation but also full assistance for clients to avoid problem living in Japan together with your spouse.

Are you planning to...

Get married to a foreigner and you would like to bring your spouse (wife/husband) from overseas to Japan.
Change your status to spouse visa if you get married to a Japanese National.
Get married to a Japanese National/ a Foreigner and need support for the international marriage procedure

We are here to help!

Service Description

 Visa application consultation
 Support for procedures of international marriage
 Translation of foreign documents
 Preparation of application form and various documents
 Submission of visa application on your behalf
 Support for claiming your resident card when released
 Sending your documents by post mail to your home country after we received the Certificate of Eligibility
 Supports various registration procedures from the date of entry in Japan

Providing Full Assistance

From submission of international marriage application to obtaining marriage visa. We will provide full assistance so that you can live happily together with your spouse.

What is a spouse visa?

The status of residence "Spouse or Child of Japanese National" means a person who is married to a Japanese National.
This visa is for a foreign spouse or a child who has Japanese parents.
Basically, a foreigner who is married to a Japanese national will have this visa.

Unlike working visas which only allow you to work within restrictions, those with a Japanese Spouse Visa are free to choose their career in Japan. In addition, as a special exception with "10 years of residency in Japan" requirement for permanent residence applicant with spouse visa can apply for permanent residence as long as you have been married and lived in Japan for at least 3 years.

However, visa for a spouse of a Japanese is granted only when the marriage is still ongoing.
If you divorce your Japanese spouse and a certain period of time has passed, your visa may be revoked.

The investigation process for obtaining a visa for spouse of a Japanese national is very strict and there are often detailed instructions for submitting individual documents. Being Married to a Japanese national does not mean that the visa will be granted immediately, the actual status of the marriage will also be examined, so the investigation process will take longer than other visas.

Marriage Visa Application Support
・Service Fees

Service Description

Application for Certificate of Eligibility, Application for Change of Status of Residence
150,000 yen and uptax not included
  • A separate fee will be quoted if there are any changes from the previous application during the above procedure.
  • In addition to the above fees, there is a stamp fee to be paid at the Immigration Bureau.