About Service Fee

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of immigration lawyer who provide visa-related services with surprisingly low fees.However, when the fees are low, it means that the quality and the level of services provided can be low as well.This can be applied to any products and services.We are entrusted with the important task of visa application that can affect the lives of our clients.We evaluate each clients` situation and provide the best possible services and solutions.Therefore, we believe that by receiving a reasonable remuneration for our services is important as we have set a fair price for each service we provide.We believe that by receiving an appropriate remuneration we can continue to perform our work at the highest professional level and maintain a good relationship with our clients.

Service fee list

All prices shown does not include tax

We provide 100% money back guarantee policy

Application for Certificate of Eligibility (depending on status of residence)


Application for extension of status of residence (depending on status of residence)


Application for change of status of residence (depending on status of residence)


Application for permanent residence permit


Document preparation for naturalization application


Application for Certificate of Authorized Employment


Company establishment (excluding registration tax)


Procedures for making a decalration at the immigration office


Special permission for residence + preparation of documents for application for permit for provisional release


Short-term visa application (documents prepared by Japanese guarantor)


During the above procedures, if job change, divorce, or other changes occur, additional fee will be quoted depending on individual circumstances.

International Marriage Procedures Support


Per diem (half day)


Per diem (full day)


Consultation fee

From 10,000JPY

Revenue Stamp fee

In addition to the fees listed above, you will be required to pay the fee of revenue stamp tax at the Immigration Bureau and the registered mail fee

Renewal or change of status of residence


Re-entry permit (single)


Re-entry permit (multi)


Permanent residence permit application


In the case of rejection

Depending on the reason, you may be able to reapply. In some cases, re-application will be accepted.


Refund requests will not be accepted in the case of non-permissions due to customer responsibility. (e.g. false declaration)