About Matsumura Mari

Application agency Immigration Lawyer approved by Immigration Bureau of Japan, Ministry of Justice, National Government of Japan

After working as an assistant at international law firm, she established the Matsumura Law Firm (Now: Haneda International Legal Firm) in April 2009.

Specializes in visa applications for foreign nationals, building and implementing schemes from entry into Japan to permanent residence and naturalization applications.

Working beyond the professional business boundaries. Providing various tax simulations and consulting services in collaboration with a tax accountant to foreign business owners who wish to obtain early permanent residency.

Helping foreign companies from establishising Japanese subsidiaries to apply for visa for their employees and provides comprehensive support for clients' life stages, including immigration, marriage, and children's visa application.

Name: Haneda International Legal FirmRepresentative Immigration Lawyer: Mari MatsumuraAddress: 2-29-6,Unoki, Ota City, Tokyo 146-0091Business Description: Visa application, Company establishment (We affiliated with Property Lawyer・Tax Attorney)Established: April 2009 (Registration number: No. 09080427)

Published Book「What you need to know about hiring foreigners, practical and labor management」

With basic information about how to apply for staus of residence (visa).Clearly explained by experts about the important points regarding labor management after hiring foreigners and what needs to be careful about.This is a book to help the owners, managers and human resource staffs of companies in Japan that wish to hire foreigners, as well as for companies that already have foreigners as their staff.

Promises to our Clients

As a bridge between country and clients
Evaluate from clients' perspective
Reasonable fee and charges. Establishing good relationship with our clients

Building bridges between the country and our clients


When applying for status of residence (visa), there is no guarantee that the application will be approved even if the required documents are submitted.

There are many cases like, false document/ information was used in order to apply for a visa.
Even if you do not have bad intentions, but that “one mistake” can often lead to irreversible consequences afterwards.

No one person will encounter the same situation or result with their visa, and there is no set solutions that will work for everyone.

That is why we are serious and commited with every clients who wish to obtain a visa.
We do not accept service requests from so-called brokers, as we only use our experience and information, as well as the understanding of the law to provide our serivces.

We believe that the important thing is to find out what the client really wants and their intentions.

We do our best to find out everything we need to know and gather all the necessary information, put ourselves in the client’s shoes, and submit the visa application to ensure the best possibility of success.

Evaluate from clients’ perspective

In our profession as immigration lawyer, it is often perceived that we have a hierarchical relationship with our clients.

While we are experts in our profession, we do not know much about the profession of our clients.

Therefore, while we take pride in our work, we never have a hierarchical relationship.

We would not give any unilateral “requests” or “instructions”. We “respect” the clients` wishes and opinions and make “suggestions” based on them.

We evaluate from the clients` perspective and provide the best possible support to the clients.

Reasonable fee and charges. Establishing good relationship with our clients


Our profession is applying for residency status on behalf of our clients, which can impact on the lives of our clients.


The responsibility is huge and we want to create the desired outcome.

By doing our job properly, we believe it is necessary to receive the appropriate reward.


We determine the appropriate fee/charges for each service based on the remuneration statistics of the Japan Federation of Certified Administrative Procedures Speciallist.


Recently, there has been an increase in the number of immigration lawyer who provide visa-related services wtih surprisingly low fees/charges.


However, with lower fees/charges, it also means that the quality of the services provided are not as high.

This idea can be applied to almost any job.


We believe that by receiving the appropriate reward, we will be able to maintain and continue to provide the high quality services as an application agency immigration lawyer, and as a result, we can continue to establish and maintain good relationship with our clients.

Our representative

About Matsumura Mari

Area of expertise: Visa application (All categories)

Mainly corresponds to ・Business Manager (Setup of company establishment to tax consulting, etc. We affiliated with Tax accountant)・Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services ・Intra-company transfer ・Spouse or Child of a Permanent Resident ・Highly Skilled Professional (No.1 B, C)・Long-term resident (especially divorce) ・ Permanent residence application ・ Naturalization application