Hiring a foreigner/ Working in Japan

When hiring foreign employees from overseas or foreign students, it is necessary to obtain a visa that is appropriate for each individual.

Are you planning to...

Obtain work visa when hiring international students
Hire foreigners from abroad to your company
Hire foreigners who have changed jobs from other companies

Related VISA status

  • Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services
  • Highly Skilled Professional
  • Intra-company Transferee
  • Dependent etc.


  • Certificate of Eligibility(COE)
  • Change of Status
  • Extension of Period of Stay(Renewal)
  • Certificate of Authorized Employmet
  • Birth Registration etc.

We are here to help!

Service Description

 Visa application consultation
 Preparation of application and various documents
 Translation of foreign documents
 Submitting visa application on behalf of applicants
 Receiving new residence card
 Sending Certificate of Eligibility(COE) to Prospective employees
 Support from confirmation of immigration to various registration procedures after arriving Japan

Providing Full Assistance

To enable foreigner to work legally in Japan, we can help you with everything from making the decision on whether or not to hire, to translating foreign documents, and providing support in English to (Prospective employees) those who have been offered a job.

work VISA

Work Visa Application Service Fee

Service Description

Work visas/ Application for Certificate of Eligibility/ Application for change of status of residence
80,000 yen~tax is not included
  • A separate fee may be quoted for the above procedures depending on individual circumstances.