Permanent residence

Once you acquire a permanent residence visa, you will be free to engage in all manner of activities as there will be no restrictions on residence activities or periods of stay. You will be allowed to make your career choices freely, and it goes without saying that it will not be necessary to extend your status of residence at any time.

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Our services

Application for permanent residence

  • Consultation regarding application
  • Preparation of application form and other necessary documents
  • Translation of documents written in a foreign language
  • Filing of application at the immigration office on behalf of client
  • After application, provision of support until any permit is granted
  • Undertaking of procedures for endorsement after any permit is granted

We provide total support for the acquisition of permanent residence visas ranging from consultation, the preparation and submission of necessary documents for filing with the immigration office, and the handling of additional materials through to receipt of endorsement. Generally, it takes between 6 and 12 months until receipt of a permanent residence visa. During that time, our administrative scriveners negotiate with the immigration officers and explain the client’s status.

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