Application for certificate of eligibility for status of residence150,000 yen
Application for extension of status of residence10,000~yen
Application for change of status of residence150,000 yen
Application for permanent residence150,000 yen
Application for naturalization100,000 ~yen
Application for certificate of authorized employment60,000 yen
Voluntary appearance200,000 yen
Special permission for residence + Provisional release200,000 ~yen
Temporary visitor35,000 yen

Additional fees will be charged in the event of any change (job change, divorce, etc.) required during the above procedures.

Reapplication+30,000 yen
Other changes+30,000~ yen

Other fees

Per Diem (up to 4 hours for half of a day)30,000 yen
Consultation fee10,000 yen

Revenue stamp payments made at the immigration office are also required costs.

Extension/change of status of residence4,000 yen
Entry permit (single)3,000 yen
Re-entry Permit (multiple)6,000 yen
Application for permanent residence8,000 yen

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